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Creatively Capturing From Above

With a skill for snapping the unexpected. Whether you’re looking for a single image or an entire series, Real View Aerial can do it all. 

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Authorised by the CAA to carry out aerial operations in the UK (Number: 12854)

Our services include

Aerial & ground Photography

Aerial & ground Videography

Aerial inspections/surveying

Wedding packages

Sporting events

And more...

We use some of the latest drone technology to capture the best quality images and videos.

For every job we carry out a site specific risk assessment and planning as per requirements set out by the CAA. This enhances our ability to operate in locations of which some other operators can not. For example, within close proximity to major airports.

With the Police and Civil Aviation Authority teaming up its never been more important to hire a legal, safe and compliant drone operator.

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